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Dancing Hedgehog Productions
Unlock your body and move yourself to dance

Andrew has taught and performed in venues throughout the U.S. and Europe. Competition highlights include: 2001 ALHC 1st place Cabaret Champion, 2002 2nd place World Lindy Hop Champion and 2003 ALHC 1st place Jill & Jack Champion. For several years, Andrew danced with the Flyin' Lindy Hoppers Dance Team. He brings a fresh approach to creative social dance.

On a more personal note, I first remember Andrew dancing two years ago at the Harlem Jazz Dance festival. He was doing these out-of-this-world crazy moves with this guy from France -- it was beautiful but slightly scary. They competed -- the only Jack-and-Jack couple in the Hells-a-popping contest -- and everyone was saying that they should have gotten into the finals.

Then I saw him social dancing at LindyGra last year. He was the guy with the beads in his hair who all my friend-girls were gushing about. After watching him dance, I could see that he was one of those rare dancers who cares just as much about social dancing as he does about competing.  He is really excited about dancing and teaching in Austin.


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Fundamentals - 101 styles of connection  (A/I)
In this class, this focus is on matching our partners connection with an emphasis on the many different types of connections we can use.  Follows will learn special techniques to feel as light as a feather with rushing.  Leads will learn change up the 10 moves they already know so they feel like they 101 distinct moves.

Being Creative (A/I)
This class includes both specific movement that Andrew uses to make his dancing unique and methods for incorporating it into your dancing.  Leads will learn ways to become more creative in what they are bring to the dance and what they ask from the follow.  Follows will learn to be more creative by using precision to generate unexpected but interesting responses.

Stealing Games (All)
This class is built around several fun moves and techniques for stealing the lead or follow, whether it be during a Birthday Jam, a Stealing Jam, or just between you and some friends on the social dance floor.   However, it also provides a practical framework for understanding how to steal gracefully and with finesse by leveraging momentuem.

Musicality 101 (All)
For both beginning and advanced dancers, this class will teach creative, easy, and fun ways to increase your musicality.  It leverages the mixed skill level of the class to work on how to use the music to make the dance more enjoyable between dancers of different skill levels.  Other aspects include how to cleanly setup call-and-response sequences and how get both of you to nail that big break .

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Andrew Sutton, an awesome dancer and instructor, will be teaching Lindy Hop at
Footworks dance studio on Saturday, December 18th. He will be teaching five
classes starting around 10:30am and going until 5:30pm.

The classes will be technique-oriented and aimed at Intermediate and Advanced
dancers. We are still working out the exact details but they will include
a musicality class, a connection class, and a class to work on creativity.
After watching him dance at several different national events, I know he has
something to offer everyone on these topics.

The cost per class is $12 in advance, $15 at the door. If you want to take
call of them, it is $50 in advance and $65 at the door.

He is also teaching private lessons on Sunday. If you are interested please
contact me.
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